A change is as good as a rest!

I recently started shooting film again and that meant digging out my Olympus OM10.


I like shooting film with any camera but the Olympus OM10 was given to me by my Grandad, so despite personally and professionally using Canon gear for over 6 years I have always had a soft spot for Olympus cameras. 

This leads me nicely on to the Olympus OM-D EM-1 , the first professional micro 4/3s Camera. I love how they look, that weigh a fraction of what my Canon gear weighs and also the form factor of the camera makes so much sense for being in and around a crowd for an event or wedding, for example! 


People seem to have this issue with micro 4/3s cameras as a professional tool, not that a can work out why? Perhaps it is due to the fact that if you don't have a full frame DSLR then your not a "professional" but I don't see any real down side to the Olympus EM-1 system, except for it being still relatively untested in a professional capacity. There is no doubt that the images are sharp and clean but how reliable would they be in the field??

The EM-1 has a 16MP sensor which should be more than ample even when compare to the canon 1Div at 16MP or even the 1DX with 18MP, all be it full frame, for any event work and with the addition of this professional body we also see PRO lenses too, again small and light weight! 

The facts and figures all point to this being a fearce little camera package that could potentially out run some of the heavy weights in this game.

I can't decide, should I shelf my Pro Canon gear and move to Olympus? This could also be an ideal time to "slim down", every camera geek is terrible for buying to much gear and I find that sometimes too much gear can block your creativity, too much time worrying about what lens or flash set up you need and not enough time spent actually framing and taking a picture!! That was the point of me digging out the OM10 35mm film camera to not stress about the gear and just take some pictures, I want to believe that the Olympus OM-D EM-1 will do the same for my photographic work as the OM10 did for my personal stuff. 

I guess it is just a plunge I to the Unknown!!  

Watch this space.....