Something new......well, sort of!

So I am looking into something new, well, not new but something I haven't done in anger since college. Video.

I am looking to broaden my skill set so I can offer video too. I think it is not only important for photographers to be able to have many hats to stay fresh but also, if you think about it, most if not all digital cameras shoot video. So, why not capitalise on it, and for all you gear heads, there is a whole new spectrum of cool stuff to dribble over!

I personally always specialised in still image capture but I have always had quiet admiration for film makers. They don't have to just get it right for the one frame at 1/250th of a second they have to get long runs of capture right. I mean a good photo shoot takes time to plan too but, if you don't like a shot in the studio you take it again but video could need a 15min dialog reshooting, and, 15mins is 15mins.

You may think I am slow to the party talking about video as though it is a new invention but I'm not, it is just so important now to know every inch of your field and equipment that I think it would be a waste of a feature on you camera if nothing else!

Not to mention that content creation is still on the boom, it's getting easier and easier for people to vlog, blog and YouTube that if you aren't on top of your game you will fade and not stand out! Forget the saying "jack of all trades, master of none" that time has passed you need to be a digital content creator not just a photographer!

Ok, so that turned into a bit of a brave heart motivational rant but, basically all I am saying is that I'm going to do some video work as I feel like I am wasting an opportunity not doing it!

So get out there and create....well, anything, everything!