Playing with video

So I broke the ice the other day by making a quick video for my brother, He plays guitar and sings. 

My idea behind this was to make it as low tech as possible, well not low tech I guess, no frills is probably a better way to look at it. 

The video was shot with only a Canon G16 compact camera, an iPhone 6 and a manfrotto tripod with a small manfrotto fluid head. I didn't story board I didn't plan, I kinda just wanted to see what I would do off the cuff! 

What I came up with was one straight through shot for the length of the song so I would have a full audio track and a base line to edit from. After that I took several pan and tilt type shots at various angles and heights. Then I cut it all together in iMovie.

All the footage was shot in natural light, actually to perfectly placed sky-lights made really nice even light and the cloudy day was my soft box. 

I wanted to make this simple so I wasn't getting lost in which lens I should use or what light modifier or light gave the nicest skin tone, I did it this way to learn, and I have!  

I already know I can do better, I did a lot of pan and tilt shots where next time I think I would do some more constant shots at different focal lengths. I also think that a shallower depth of field would be nicer to make the subject stand out, an affect I think I could do nicely with my 70-200 on my 5D ii. But again the point is I learned tonnes from a 2 hour , really simple shoot.

Once my brother has used it on his music page I will then post it up to here and probably YouTube for feedback. 

Mother points are, never again will I use in camera audio, I will invest in a nice Rode video mic, either the pro or the go, I can't decide which yet! Also the more the videos I make I gues the more software options I will need so I will look into upgrading from iMovie at some point but, for now it will do!  

Anyway, keep an eye out for the video being posted, I will link to it as soon as it is up!