In the beginning!

So here I am, blogging!

And, just like GCSE maths I am going to show my working. I want to cover everything from prepping for a shoot to packing my camera bag. I also want to start a new project where I will complete start to finish "one day shoots" showing you idea to finished outcomes.

I want to blog as much as possible, everyday would be nice, but let's start with a weekly post with additional bits as they arise and, once I start the "one day shoots" that would be every week too . . . So, we will see how this pans out.

I am already working on the first "One Day Shoot" although the first was always going take time to get right but, hopefully the process will get easier and easier.

In addition, I will be posting about some shoots I have coming up very soon and like I said it will have everything from what I take with me to a final gallery of images on my main site. I cant say to much about them yet as I am waiting on some confirmation emails that will make the whole thing come together,  but once that all comes through then I will kick it off. 

See you soon. . .