Positively Reinforce!!

I have been dealing with a lot of companies lately for various branded things for LukeRhysPhotography online advertising, hoodies, t-shirts etc. And every one has been difficult, stressful or just wrong and, I just wanted to thank ThePrintSpace.co.uk for not being any of those things!

Their website was quick and simple to use, no mess and no hassle and then the following day I recieved a dispatch notice and now I have a stunning print.

I have had plenty of prints made in the past but honestly this is the first one I have opened and actually just said WOW!

Now, I am absolutely and categorically not endorsed, sponsored or supported by them in anyway. This is just the correct response to give when you deal with and are dealt with by a company that has got it totally right! 

I have also sent a thank you email to the company directly, a lot of people focus on the negative side of feedback. They like to jump on the people or businesses that get it wrong but it is just as or even more important to compliment and thank the people that get it right, positively reinforce the world people!   

Just a quick rant today , but just needed to say it.

Cheers ta!